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“All notes, articles and works in general published on this site which are protected by copyright are the exclusive property of the DERMSCAN Group or the copyright holder. In accordance with the French Intellectual Property Code, any person wishing to reproduce any of the site’s editorial content for the purposes of public communication must seek the prior approval of one of the contacts stated below.

Contacts: Audrey COLLILIEUX, Communication & Marketing Manager ; Frédérique GIRARD-ORY, President & CEO.

Approval may not be assumed in the event of no answer being forthcoming. This site is largely a creation of its constituent parts (logic, architecture, browser interface, original graphics, etc.). Any reproduction of the site, whether in whole or in part, for the purposes of permanent or temporary public communication, which runs the risk of creating confusion with this site, would be immediately followed by legal proceedings for unfair competition and infringement of copyright. French Data Protection Act In accordance with Article 34 of the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data which relates to you. Accordingly, any person who completes a form may request that any information that is incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous, obsolete or for which the collection, use, communication or preservation is forbidden should be rectified, completed, clarified, updated or deleted.

You can exercise this right by sending a message to Mr. Thomas Roche, Data Protection Coordinator (DCIL no. 06003954) by e-mail: or by post: Laboratoire Dermscan – 114 boulevard du 11 novembre 1918 – 69100 VILLEURBANNE. Information collected is electronically processed for the purposes of:

  • establishing a database of contacts,
  • preliminary verification of the compatibility of the person’s profile with DERMSCAN Group requirements,
  • archiving for the purposes of establishing a trial volunteer file,
  • the sending out of advertising messages or new trial participation offers,
  • performing statistical studies, etc.

Such data may not be transmitted to third parties, either in return for payment or free of charge.

Protection of privacy

All information supplied during registration will remain confidential. The DERMSCAN Group has a computer system designed to manage the files of those volunteering for biomedical research in strict compliance with medical confidentiality. Except when objected to by you, some information concerning you during your time spent with the DERMSCAN Group may be digitally recorded solely for the purposes of internal use. In accordance with medical ethics and the provisions of the French Data Protection Act, the DERMSCAN Group Doctor is available to explain any information to you regarding your state of health. Any doctor designated by you may also be privy to all the information held in your medical file. Regarding non-medical information, you have a right of access and rectification which you may exercise in respect of DERMSCAN Group management, represented by  Mrs. Frédérique Girard. Your request must be made in writing. You may only exercise your right of access on production of proof of identity. If your request is admissible, the DERMSCAN Group will reply within 48 hours.

Protection of persons volunteering for Biomedical Research

If you fulfill the conditions for inclusion in a study, you must give your free, informed and express consent in advance. In the case of minors, consent must be obtained from their parents or legal guardians. Before each test, DERMSCAN Group qualified personnel will inform you of:

  • the objective of the research, its methodology and its duration.
  • the expected benefits, the foreseeable constraints and risks, even if the research is halted before its planned end date.
  • your right to withdraw from the study at any time.
  • the possibility of your being excluded from the test if the protocol accepted at the beginning is not complied with.
  • the duration of your exclusion for any other research following a study producing no direct individual benefits.

This will be held on a National File in accordance with legal provisions.

Secure Volunteer Space

In order to provide maximum protection of your health data and in accordance with Article 34 of law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computing, files and freedoms, the form on which your information is collected and the transfer procedure are secured using a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This enables the authentication, confidentiality and integrity of exchanged data to be verified.

For any further details about the security of information collection, please contact Mr. Thomas Roche, Data Protection Coordinator (DCIL no. 06003954) by e-mail: or by post: Laboratoire Dermscan – 114 boulevard du 11 novembre 1918 – 69100 VILLEURBANNE.


In accordance with Article 2 of the Law no. 2011-2012 of 29 December 2011 on strengthening the safety of drug and health products as inserted in Article L. 1453-1 of the French Public Health Code and with Decree no. 2013-414 of 21 May 2013 on transparency of the links between healthcare sector companies and their partners as inserted in Article D. 1453-1 and R. 1453-1 and seq. of the French Public Health Code, DERMSCAN discloses (1) agreements signed with the health partners listed by law, including healthcare professionals and organizations of healthcare professionals, and (2) any benefit, in kind or cash, granted to these same partners since the 1st January 2012. It is reminded to whom it may concerns that, in accordance with Article R. 1453-7 of the French Public Health Code and with Law no. 78-17 of J January 1978 on personal data privacy as amended, the relevant partners may directly require from DERMSCAN that the data about them be corrected, completed or clarified but not erased.

To exercise your right to access, correct and clarify personal information, please contact: Berry Nadine, Regulatory Affairs Manager.

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