Dermscan Group collaborates since 2014 with Insight Research, an independent CRO (Clinical Research Organisation) conducting clinical trials in Mauritius for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Following a successful collaboration during the past few years and sharing the same objective for quality services, fulfillment of their teams and their experience in clinical trials, the two complementary bodies have decided to unite.

Insight Research has recently joined the Dermscan Group!

Your contacts and habits of working with Dermscan and/or Insight remain the same. No change in organization. The aim is to bring to you greater and improved solutions to all your projects!

Why choosing Insight Research in Mauritius?

Stable regulation and environment

Valeur ajoutée pour vos projets :

Regulatory safety adapted to any type of request, especially for MD (Medical Devices) studies

Better deadlines for the processing of your files by the dedicated authorities



Known expertise

especially for studies:


– of MD type I, IIa, IIb and III

dermatological, dental, gynecological…

– anti-lice


Added value for your projects:

Essential complementarities to give you a complete service

Temperate climate with hot and humid periods adapted to few specific tests

Added value for your projects:

Strategic test alternative compare to climate conditions of the North hemisphere

(e.g. for solar products tests)

14 scientific experts trained to standards and GCP (Good Clinical Practice)

Added value for your projects:

Trust, expertise, know-how

Certification ISO 9001: 2015 of Insight Research

Added value for your projects:

Quality and seriousness of the services guaranteed by an independent organization

500 sqm of renovated premises, with controlled temperature and hygrometry. Ideally located in the center of the Island

Added value for your projects:

Easy access for volunteers and optimal conditions to perform the tests

Equipment at the cutting edge of technology


Added value for your projects:

Accurate results and optimal visual illustrations

Multi-ethnic population

mostly Indian and African skins but also Caucasian and Asian.



Added value for your projects:

4000 varied volunteers registered in the Mauritius data base, meeting your consumer target


Why being involved in Dermscan Group?

Increasing and constant development of the Group in the clinical trials field since 1990

Added value for your projects:

– Strong experience and possibility of Mauritius team to be trained by specialists for an efficient and similar service

Access to complementary services

  • any type of in vivo safety and efficacy clinical tests
  • large panel of pre-clinical in vitro tests


Added value for your projects:

– Turnkey tests answering from A to Z to all your claims


Innovation at the heart of Dermscan Group organization thanks to:

  • R&D pole
  • constant research of new protocols made by Projects Managers specialized by technique


Added value for your projects:

– Access to customized solutions to support your most innovative claims and guarantee of the best methods for your standard projects

Pharmascan, brand of Dermscan Group specialized in pharmaceutical / health products test

Since 2001 Pharmascan has many demands for conducting studies in Mauritius (regulation, pathologies, infrastructure…)


Added value for your projects:

– Solutions for your MD tests and efficient recruitment of specific pathologies

Access to different locations and techniques in France, Poland, Tunisia and Thailand

Added value for your projects:

– Multi-centers studies easy to put in place to test your products on different populations, under various environmental conditions, faster…

Diversification of Insight offer

thanks to Sales, Marketing & Communication, R&D, Scientific Communication departments… of Dermscan


Added value for your projects:

– More than 250 scientific publications + possibility to create marketing extracts or videos or conferences to highlight your study results…

Presence on many exhibitions and cosmetic and pharmaceutical events as exhibitors or visitors

Added value for your projects:

– Great visibility and reputation. Opportunity to exchange live

Dermscan Group reputation, major actor in clinical trials field

Added value for your projects:

– Positive opinion of hundreds of customers across the world who recommend Dermscan for the quality of its studies since 1990