A cosmetic or pharmaceutical product sensory analysis consist in determining their organoleptic properties, meaning all their characteristics felt and evaluated by the consumer or by our experts’ senses (in particular sight, smell and touch).

For over 20 years, Eurofins Dermscan has been forming, training and perfecting its experts. They are the most able to objectively describe and quantify your products’ sensory characteristics,  olfactory or visual efficacy during their life.

Like major athletes, our 15 experts train and study several times a week, some since 1997! They work in vitro on samples and can also volunteer to work directly in vivo.


Our sensory department is equipped with specialized test rooms, inspired by the AFNOR NF V 09 105 standard including:

  • A preparation room
  • A debriefing room
  • 5 individual cabinets, each having:
    • The Fizz network
    • A washbasin
    • A mirror
    • Daylight neon


We evaluate your products’ deodorizing efficacy and perfuming intensity, directly in vivo on volunteers or on all type of support. In arm-pits, feet, hairs, clothes; in a receptacle or a given environment, our specific « sniff-test » protocol has been developed by our specialists to obtain the most reliable results possible.

Our panels of experts quantify any natural or artificial odors by:

  • Precisely evaluating the intensity differences between odors
  • Characterizing odor groups, pleasant and bad.

Their repeated trainings allow our experts to continuously improve their olfactory sensitivity.


The Eurofins Dermscan sniff-test provides a real added value in your products’ creation, improvement or commercialization steps.


Our facial visual evaluation protocol started in 1997 with the skin radiance appreciation. It has been optimized during the years in order to offer the finest descriptors, evaluation methods and tools.

Our experts are trained on numbers of descriptors characterizing:

  • The skin radiance (12 descriptors)
  • Signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and facial ptosis
  • The matifying effect by brightness evaluation.

Each of these descriptors is accurately defined and undergoes a strict evaluation method. Grouped by topic such as the color, the grain and the global look, we target your product’s action on complexion embellishment, aging signs reduction, etc.


A jury of 5 of our experts evaluates the results directly in vivo on volunteers or on standardized pictures.


Whatever your needs may be in terms of sensory analysis, we adapt our protocols and implement specific trainings in order to meet your requests. Please contact us!

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