We can anticipate tomorrow’s tendencies by understanding our environment and its problems. Innovating and performing tools and procedures, permanently developed, allow us to meet all your needs.

At Eurofins Dermscan, custom-made is not a rip-off exception but what makes us strong.


By being present in many scientific congress and professional shows, reading technical and commercial press articles and analyzing many press cuttings, Eurofins Dermscan keeps a permanent watch. These actions allow us to remain in the heart of innovation and offer relevant answers to all your problems.


Laboratories develop evermore innovating products: New aspects, new grains, new action modes, new claims… Eurofins Dermscan must absolutely offer tests meeting this R&D momentum.

From the beginning, we differentiate ourselves by always offering new approaches for quantifying the effects of products on the skin and its cutaneous appendices: Hairs, nails, mucosa (oral nose, genital).

While meeting the applicable regulation, we develop specific and innovating custom-made test protocols in order to offer you the most significant result possible that will guarantee you a true competitive edge!

  • Sweat, towel or sand friction resistance tests for solar products
  • Degreasing effect evaluation for washing products such as « special cuisine » hand soap.
  • Capillary studies with effect measurements: Moisturizing, anti-scale deposit, radiance, restructuring and firming with a « beach » protocol (recreating the sun and sea baths aggressions).
  • Anti-cellulite, anti-heavy legs, heating / cooling effects evaluation by visualization and quantification of the superficial skin temperature differences without contact.
  • Anti-aging or re-densifying test by measuring the skin isotropy or the collagen density improvement.


Always on the look-out for the latest evaluation technologies, we use new devices, softwares and offer analysis methods able to:

  • Adapt to all sorts of products
  • answer the most varied claims
  • act on all the tests’ value chain, 100% in-house or in collaboration with partners we trust
  • optimize your communication internally or with your clients by writing articles and/or scientific posters, marketing extracts of your studies, customized with your company’s colors or by shooting videos.
  • go further by preparing and/or organizing training sessions or technical conference.

SIAscope: Visualizes and quantifies the skin concentrations of hemoglobin, melanin and collagen

Moisturemap: Analyzes the moisture distribution on the skin’s surface

Infra-red thermal camera: Evaluates, by measuring its radiated heat, a body’s temperature in actual time without contact

Face&body Scan 3D: Measures the wrinkles, the face’s oval, the size of the thighs, the belly, etc. by fringe projection

Dermatop: Measures wrinkles, the waist and the pores’ surface

Dynaskin: Evaluates without contact the firmness and suppleness of the skin

Age Reader: Measures the glycation, (skin aging marker)

Visia: Quantifies the skin imperfections, the dandruffs, lip scaling, etc.

Dermascan: Provides skin ultrasound examinations

Tivi: Measures the skin microcirculation

Primos: Measures the skin surface (roughness, average range and average surface)

Halimeter: Determines the efficacy of dental oral products

Glossymeter: Measures skin, nails and hair brightness

Goniolux : quantifies the skin radiance

Squamescan quantifies the amount of proteins in the upper levels of the skin using an optical densitometer

Dia-STRON® extensometer: Evaluate the hair strength



Studios photo

Solar lamps (UVA and UVB)