SOINS ETHNIQUES – Dermscan et Insight Research ont la solution !

In the article “Lighter, Brighter, Safer” of P&C Africa magazine (last quarter 2016), Dermscan is mentioned for a study conducted in our partner laboratory Insight Research located in Mauritius.

We learn that in a study of Cape Town University, 1/3 women in South Africa bleaches their skin. In Nigeria, the consumers are attracted by fair skin. Thus, lightening creams are very popular. “Black African or dark skins, in reaction to biological and external stresses such as acne, eczema, sun exposure, mosquito bites and scars, generally produce melanin. The challenge to unify and clarify skin is pronounced, particularly in reducing hyper-pigmentation without compromising the skin. In response to this need, the cosmetics industry has worked tirelessly to develop products combining efficacy and skin compatibility.”

In Mauritius, Dermscan Group can perform any type of safety and efficacy testing on Black African and Indian skin to evaluate your product. You can see an example at the end of the article which tells about our study: “conducted on black African and Indian skin types IV and V. The panel consisted of 22 female volunteers (11 Indians and 11 Africans) with an average age of 34 years old. (…) The product was applied twice daily on the forearm over a period of 21 days. The evaluation criteria was based on the following Chromameter parameters: L; a; b; ITA at DO; D7; D14; and D21. The results are revealed in Table 1.”

We assess cosmetics but our partner center ISO 9001:2008 certified, is also specialized in the evaluation of Medical Devices of type I, IIa, IIb and III with indications in Dermatology, Dental, Anti-Lice and anti-Nits, Gynecology among others.

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